The plant FDP SRL based in Fisciano (SA) in Via industries. 1, it extends over an area of ca. 10,400 divided into:

  •    ca. 5,900 sqm discovered;
  •      ca. 4554 covered including:
  •      ca.4.200 for the production, packaging and storage of finished products;
  •      ca. 245 used for offices and services;
  •      ca. 85 are the caretaker’s.

SELECTION: Manual selection of tomatoes, guarantees the quality of the final product.

SAN MARZANO DOP: among the leading manufacturers nationwide tomato San Marzano DOP well of the consortium.

the company each year adjusts to update its fleet to improve the quality and safety of its products and in parallel, revisits its own methods and processes for continuous improvement. As a demonstration of its efforts, the structure includes obtaining all the major quality certifications such as ISO 9001, BRC, IFS, KOSHER U, K KOSHER, ORGANIC PRODUCTION, JAS, PRODUCTION INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT, PRODUCTION S. Marzano DOP, FDA .

THE CHAIN OF PRODUCTION: Our advanced machinery and latest generation allow us to optimize all production processes.

LABORATORY: in our labs we constantly carry out analysis on the pH and the goodness of our products to ensure quality and freshness that only FPD can give.