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Company ethical code


The company, brief description of the activity carried out


Interested parties

Interested parties of FPD Srl are all those who interact with the company itself and its organization, in the context of social responsibility and environment protection. They can be divided between internal people (employees) and external ones (customers and suppliers).


Employees and collaborators

Employees and collaborators are important for the full implementation of the Company’s integrated management system and are involved through:

– Training of all personnel on the environment, safety and social responsibility

-Ability to submit suggestions and complaints also anonymously to the Management or through the Workers’ Representative

– Periodic survey of the internal climate

For this reason, we deeply feel the responsibility of creating a process of dialogue with workers, based on clarity and transparency, which starts from active listening and has the primary objective of providing concrete answers.

FPD maintains a specific procedure to manage communications from interested parties.



FPD customers are informed about the company’s commitment to social responsibility and environment. There is a specific office for the reception and treatment of any complaints and suggestions from customers.

The commitment of FPD in social responsibility and environment protection is published, among other things, in the Company Policy, which is also posted on the notice board inside the business.



FPD has decided to involve all suppliers by sending a questionnaire to collect data on corporate management of social responsibility.

FPD has requested the sending of a self-declaration attesting compliance with the environment and ethical responsibility requirements.


Social Responsibility


Human resources constitute a main factor in the life of the company. Our hiring policy, in addition to assessing professional competence and specific experience in the field, favors above all the candidate’s predisposition to learning and continuous updating and assesses his ability to work in a group.



The commitment of the company

FPD does not use or in any way support the use of child labor.

Through periodic inspections at suppliers, the Company ensures that this is also respected by its suppliers.


Company reality

In FPD there are no workers under the age of 18 and to this date there have never been situations of child labor even with suppliers.



The commitment of the company

FPD in compliance with the laws in force, it does not use or support the forced labor and does not require the staff to leave “deposits” or identity documents at the time of the beginning of the employment relationship with the COMPANY. At the time of hiring, the staff is trained on the contractual clauses, which they sign, and on the composition of the pay packet.

Company reality

Meetings are organized and planned with the staff to keep them informed of the contractual requirements governing working relationships with the factory.

The working hours carried out by the staff are recorded in a special attendance register and filed by the Administration Manager.

On an annual basis, the level of staff satisfaction is detected, through the dissemination of anonymous questionnaires that require answers to questions that are particularly close to the employees’ hearts.

The fact-finding survey, repeated every year, allows us to interpret the evolutionary trend of the opinion of the employees and of the consensus on the actions taken on the basis of the results obtained, also offering clear indications on the possible areas for improvement.

The results of the various surveys reveal good and appreciable values ​​on many significant aspects, such as:

–  relationship with the Management and the sector Managers;

–  training received on the basis of the task to be covered;

– working hours;

– working environment



The commitment of the company

FPD, keeping in mind the state of the prevailing knowledge relating to the risks connected with company activities, guarantees a safe and healthy workplace and adopts the appropriate measures to prevent accidents and damage to health that may occur during the performance of the work or as a consequence of it, minimizing , however reasonably practicable, the causes of danger attributable to the work environment.

Company reality

The Company has appointed a Head of the Protection Prevention Service, external, for the implementation of the safety and health factors foreseen in the standard and the staff has elected its own Workers’ Representative for Safety who has received the appropriate specific training.

All Company personnel receive regular and documented training on safety and health.



The commitment of the company

Employees are free in joining any trade union organization.



The commitment of the company
The business has defined the procedures for selecting and hiring personnel. All employees of the company are aware of the possibility of making a complaint, even anonymously, to the Management and / or to the employees Manager, if they believe that this requirement has been violated.



The commitment of the company

FPD respects the laws and administrative standards applicable on working hours and follows the indications of the CCNL of reference. The working hours are daily recorded on the attendance register.

Company reality

The overtime that should become necessary is carried out by the workers who make themselves available according to the needs of department and is disciplined through the employment contract and, under no circumstances, exceeds 12 hours per employee per week.

In the event of occasional exceeding of 48 working hours per week per employee due to particular events, the payroll and contributions office provides for reporting to the competent bodies.



The commitment of the company
The organization recognizes to its employees the contractual and remuneration levels appropriate to the role and duties performed for the Company, in accordance with sector laws.

The methods of payment of wages (check, bank transfer, cash, etc.) are freely chosen by the workers themselves upon hiring.

The Factory guarantees that any wages withheld are not due to disciplinary purposes and that  composition of wages, and wages and salaries is clearly and regularly indicated for the benefit of employees.


The reality of the company

The organization currently guarantees that no “labor-only” contractual agreements and false apprenticeship programs aimed at avoiding the fulfillment of corporate obligations towards personnel are stipulated, based on current legislation on work and social security.



The effectiveness of internal communication and the correct dissemination of information are decisive tools in order to strengthen the sense of belonging and, above all, to correctly manage the transfer of know-how at all levels of the organization.

To this end,  FPD undertakes to make available to staff:

– the results obtained from the management review on the performance of the Company as a whole, including aspects of the quality, environment and ethics system through the dissemination of the annual review in the company;

– the results obtained from corporate monitoring activities;

– any other information concerning them or of which they have specifically requested.

The tools used to ensure an adequate level of internal communication are:

– a company bulletin board in which communications of lesser importance are posted;

– direct interviews with the Management, which accepts requests for meetings with the staff at any time;

– Reviews of the management system and drafting of the annual report on the state of the environment and ethics (meetings).


Commercial Ethical Code

Relations with customers

A special consideration to the customer is pursued with competence, professionalism, courtesy, transparency, fairness and impartiality, in the awareness that it is essential to guarantee the satisfaction of expectations and to consolidate trust in the company.

FPD provides accurate, complete and truthful information in order to allow the customer a rational and aware decision.

FPD adopts a communication style based on efficiency, collaboration and courtesy, also in dialogue with customers.

The excellence of the products and services offered and the willingness to provide an immediate and qualified response to requests are the characteristic elements of the company’s relationship with customers.

To this end, all the company’s commercial employees are made aware of the correctness of the commercial relations with the customer. Any form of forcing the customer’s representative’s decisions, whether in the form of gifts or financial incentives, is strictly prohibited.

It’s the responsibility of the Commercial Manager of the FPD to ensure that the above is respected by its commercial agents.


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